Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hey there Peeps!

I know it's been a minute since I've checked in with ya'll on the blog.  I've been busy working on new music and new are a few of them: 

-Firstly, please check out this up-coming production I'm starring in called "Law & Disorder": .. also make sure you "LIKE" the group if you haven't already. OH and if you're in the area or want to come through to check it out, please let me know.  I got all the ticket info!! :-)

But here's what's hood: 

-I've been working on new music with new producers in France from the Sound Factory and that music will be released this year .. we are aiming for the Summer so stay tuned!! :-)

-I have a new website coming soon with new promo pics so you know I'll keep you posted on that!  I did an AWESOME photo-shoot with a photographer out of Philly by the name of Larry Wright.  His company is called EWW Creative Solutions.  He really helped to bring out that "urban-retro" vibe I was looking for.  And you can check out more of his work here:

-I started a Ustream series called "Somewhere In LeiRowLand" and will be doing this once a month.  This will keep everyone updated on what I'm doing with my musical life and some of my personal life.  So far, the small crowd I've developed has been wonderful!!  Here is the link to that to view two of my shows so far and join my crowd:

There are many other things I'm planning and wish to get involved with, including show and promo opportunities!!  I'm still so very excited and motivated about 2011 and yes, it's definitely a lot of work.

OH and I'm always open to collaborating with other artists, producers, writers, film-makers, etc.  

So, I will be in touch again with updates and to say HEY of course!! 

In the meantime, ya'll stay on ya'll grinds as well and keep rising to the top..GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT! :-)

Peace & Blessings,


Monday, January 31, 2011

Updating ya'll with some Updates .. #2011

Hey There Good People!

I haven't updated my blog in a minute (not that there have been many updates prior to this one but ANYWAYS...).

There are some things in the works for me this year.  I'm making more international moves with my music and creativity.

I also have some live performances lined up and they will be announced later on.

A BIG "THANKS" to all my FAM for the support so far!!  This musical journey means alot to me and to have people who believe in me a part of it, means even more!!  (And when I say "FAM," I mean fans are definitely fam to me!)  

I will be in touch real soon so STAY CLOSE MON!!!  lol!

Peace & Blessings,

Lei  :-)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lei Row: The "Urban Retro" Chick...

So as I googled the term "urban retro,"  I was quite pleased to find that "Lei Row" images and links come up in the listings.  But I came across something even cooler!!  A fan of mine defined the term "urban retro" on

It says:

1.  Urban Retro 

eclectic, stylish, funky, smooth, and timeless .. always finding the median between old school and new school .. never forgetting or neglecting its roots but always keeping up with the times in order to create and enhance style, fashion, culture, leadership, and/or music. "urban retro" is commonly associated with today's r&b/soul and hip-hop music and today's vintage fashion and style.
"Lei Row is an urban retro kinda chick!"

"Lei Row's music is urban retro."

"Eclectic, edgy, sultry, and creative, Lei Row’s unique melodic-soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics flow together so well in her music. Her natural sound and arrangements will capture your attention from beginning to end in each song. With an urban retro look, style, sound, and grace: "Lei Row presents Euphoria" proves that she brings all of that..PLUS..a euphoric sound in music! ("

Here's the link to view it more: 

This was/is so pleasant to see!!  It's always a great feeling to see fans understand, embrace, and enjoy the style you create as an artist.

Thank you LeiRowFan .. you did a great job on the sum-up of  "urban retro"...I LOVE IT!! :-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Me and the Music...

So folks...I have decided to give in and get a BLOG!   lol!

Of course, I've been prompted to do this because of my music and entertainment career and the many goals I have set for myself in this field.  And I want to continue to keep you all in tune with me and the music. 

This blog will allow me to share my journey, thoughts, and experiences in different ways.  So please join me as I present "euphoria" and all it entails:  from my point of view and different people, places, things, ideas, and situations that hold different types and levels of significance in and out my life.

And it's only right that I begin my very first blog post with my most recent bio.  Stay tuned for the next post folks!

Annnnnd here we go...enjoy!!!


Eclectic, edgy, sultry, and creative, Lei Row’s unique melodic-soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics flow together so well in her music. Her natural sound and arrangements will capture your attention from beginning to end in each song. With an urban-retro look, style, sound, and grace: "Lei Row presents Euphoria" prooves that she brings all of that..PLUS..a euphoric sound in music.  So, if you want to hear what’s been missing, then Lei Row is your girl!

Lei Row is an independent singer/songwriter/vocal producer originally from Harrisburg, PA and she has a familiar story on how she got started. She’s been singing since she was a little girl and her main foundation and influences come from growing up in the church. During her teenage years, Lei Row was a part of an R&B girl group called “Untitled” who were the protege group of a then popular R&B male group “TreSan.” Through this experience, (especially under the influence and mentorship of former member now reputable singer/songrwiter/producer/musician James “Jim Beanz” Washington), Lei Row was introduced to the arts of song-writing and vocal production and hasn’t stopped since!

Through the years, Lei Row has performed and sang back-up in different concerts, musical plays, weddings, and talent showcases. Back in 2006, Lei Row would perform in the Wednesday Night showcases at the renowned Philadelphia Old City music and dance club “Five Spot.” Lei Row and the live house band rocked out together, keeping the crowd moving! Inspired by consistent positive feedback and reviews from audience members, Lei Row realized that it was time to take all of her musical talents to an even higher level. Since then, she has worked with several artists, writers, and producers in New York City, Miami, the DC-Maryland-Virginia area, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Philadelphia: writing, singing, producing, and performing. 

Lei Row sang at the 2010 "Ebony Sisterspeak Luncheon."  This is an annual event hosted and sponsored by Ebony Magazine, Pine Sol, and the Powerful Difference Campaign that celebrates the unique sisterhood of African-American women and promotes a spirit of community, and honors women for their outstanding efforts and accomplishments in their communities.
Lei Row was finalist in the "Andre Harrell Superstar Soul Search" of Philadelphia, PA.  She placed in the "TOP 10" in which she came in at #7 and her single "In Love Again" had over 2000 spins during the month of June (2010) on in the contest as well. 

Lei Row is a “FEATURED” singer/songwriter in the “Jack Knight Songwriting Academy” under the very talented super producer/singer/songwriter/hitmaker Jack Knight of the former legendary Bad Boy Records. Jack Knight has written and produced for artists/musical inspirations such as Faith Evans, P. Diddy, Keyshia Cole, Christina Aguilera, Tamia, and Carl Thomas, just to name a few.

Lei Row has completed her first album entitled “Lei Row presents…Euphoria.” Currently, her music is getting airplay on different internet radio stations nationally and internationally, such as WDKK Radio (Cleveland OH), StarPoint Radio (London), 92.5 The Why Radio KYHY (Burbank CA), Marvin-Vibez Music (Germany), Flows R&B.HipHop (Japan), and Folkradion FM 96.4 (Sweden), just to name a few.

Her single “In Love Again (The Things You Do)” was featured on NYC’s HOT 97 “Twitter Unsigned Tuesday” hosted by J. Medina and “The Star & Bucwild Journey” on VladTV and She was also awarded a Silver Auddy Award through uPlaya Music Universe. Lei Row was a finalist in the Melanie Fiona & singer-remix contest where contestants had to write and demo an original piece to Ms. Fiona’s (song) “It Kills Me” instrumental. Lei Row has also been recognized as a talented up-and-coming singer/song-writer by “Suavv Magazine”, “REAL Ent,” “Vigoronline: Urban Music & Culture,” and “Sound-Savvy: The Community for True Fans of Real Music.” She was also the November 2009 “Artist of the Month” on urban media info station “” and her album was featured on “S.B.N.P.” by music & entertainment journalist Chan Lo.

Lei Row’s album is NOW AVAILABLE. You can listen FOR FREE at DatPiff:

Lei Row would like to continue to collaborate with other singers, writers, producers, rappers, and poets for future projects.

Lei Row is very inspired by musical artists such as Chaka Khan, Michael and Janet Jackson, Eric Clapton, Prince, Whitney Houston, Faith Evans, Mary J. Blige, Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Monica, Keyshia Cole, Beyonce, Pink, The Clark Sisters, Kim Burrell, Phyllis Hyman, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Donny and Lalah Hathaway, Luther Vandross, The Notorious BIG, Tupac, Sarah Vaughan, and Billie Holiday just to name a few.

Although R&B, Gospel, and Pop are her musical backbones, she is versatile and does not confine her taste or projects to one genre…hip-hop, jazz, rock, country, classical, opera, reggae, latin, electronic: she studies, loves, embraces, and incorporates it all. Thanks for stopping by and learning a little more about Lei Row.



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